Information to help you survive the night…

Your ticket will show your arrival time, in the grey box. Arrive for this time or up to 29 minutes later as this is your entrance slot. It means you won’t have to queue for too long to get in and will make your night run much more smoothly.

The haunts will stay open as long as there are still people waiting to go through so there is no rush

You will be able to go through all haunts in the evening and we have food and street entertainment on site to keep you entertained too.

Hot and cold food will be available on site, and we cater for meat eaters and others.

This year we will have selfie areas where you can snap photos of your group or even some of the sinister characters roaming around. When you enter a haunt please remember no phones, photography, filming or recording of any sort is allowed.

Do not touch any of the characters, we do have security on site, and you will be removed from site.

Crouch Valley Showground is a field so please wear appropriate footwear and warm clothing.

No alcohol to be brought on site, bag searchers are in operation.

We aim to send you into the mazes with your groups but if its busy you will be put with other groups so prepare to make friends.

There are toilets on site which cater for all needs.

We offer large group discounts, and this will automatically be applied when booking your tickets.

We use ticket source ticking company so this will show on your bank receipt.