Enter each maze, screaming your way through our panic rooms, and encountering some of the best live scare makers in the country.

Can you handle the 2018 Mazes



Toxicity the Clown and her band of misfits invite you to a freak show you wont forget or survive for that matter! Clowns aplenty as you step into the Big Top of Horrors for the fright of you life, they will have you in stiches in no time!



The Walking Dead have ravaged a small farming community and are starting to spread their deadly virus to the masses! Although martial law has been enforced and the army are trained to shoot on site. Some of the villages have adopted the dead and used them for their own horrific needs. Will you cross through the safe zones and reach evacuation in time or will you become part of the horde!



Mr Pimpkin was a renowned butcher and his Tyler Special Pie was a favourite within the village. However after a virus wiped out most live stock he had to come up with an alternative. When meat came scarce everyone was wandering how he could keep producing such deliciously deep filled pies and why some of the locals kept disappearing.  Will you venture in to the abattoir, discover what lies with in and what makes Pimpkins Pies so delectable.



The Toymaster invites you into his factory, come see his latest creations. Whilst looking at his precious dolls you realise they are to realistic, their porcelain to0 polished, and paint too wet! He seems eager to show you how realistic they are. Will you escape with your life, skin and vital organs or will you be left pride of place in his vast collection?



There’s been a break out at the Wat Tyler Maximum Security Prison and the worst and most sickening pyschos have been set free, to bad that you’ve been sent in to try and control the situation! Will you come face to face with Kraven the King of Cell13 and will you live to tell the tale!


Deadman’s Pass

In the age of dirt, blood and lead, you follow the path of DeadEye Murphy, an outlaw held up at the county jail, due to hang for his crimes. With his death imminent, he plots to escape and flee before the noose’s grip gets too tight!

Will you help Deadeye escape and become part of his posse, or are there more sinister things that lay ahead?




Johnny Strange’s Stemapunk Circus presents The AmphiFEARtre FREAK SHOW

The freak show is an alternative circus show that embraces the steampunk culture – mixing Victorian turn of the century sideshow and freak show acts such as sword swallowing, contortion, knife throwing, fire eating, the ladder of swords, and much more with popular steampunk fashion, culture, style, and art.



Cursed is Essex’s No. 1 Award-winning Halloween experience, set in the eerie grounds of Wat Tyler Country Park, near Basildon.