What is cursed?

Cursed is a Halloween walk around Wat Tyler Country Park at night. There are various settings/scenes throughout the walk called mazes where you will navigate your way around. Some are pitch black, some have flashing lights and most have terrifying people in that will scare the living daylights out of you. Be prepared to crawl, climb steps and walk on uneven ground.


What is a scare maker?
Your worst nightmare. A scare maker is our name for a scare character. They are truly terrifying, they will get very close and are trained to scare but not touch.


I came last year, what’s new?
This year we have reintroduced smaller capacity, more frequent timeslots when booking tickets. This will help reduce the queues at the entrance on busy nights and ease the traffic in the car parks. Once inside, food and drinks are available in the central area along with our street walking entertainers watching for you as you try each maze in turn. There are some fantastic new mazes this year, there may be some mazes from last year but they will be different, longer, shorter, smaller and taller. One thing that has not changed is how scary it is, actually its worse a lot worse.


When should we arrive?
Make sure you arrive within your time allocation. Be aware of the level crossing at Pitsea station if arriving by car, the barriers can delay entrance to the park. Please be on time. If you miss the night then hard luck, we don’t offer refunds!


What should we wear?
Its October so dress appropriately, the event is based outside so it can get chilly and muddy and occasionally wet.


What should we bring?
Ethel is fond of dead flowers but it’s not compulsory. Other than that you can come dressed up, but no face masks please. No food or drink especially alcohol!


Torch light attracts the ghouls so do NOT bring them or use phones as they will be removed or you maybe.


Food and Drink
Do not bring any with you. Food and drink is available in the food court don’t eat too much we don’t like puke! Sometimes you might see Ethel as she hangs out in here.


How long does it last?
Well how fast can you run… your ticket is valid from the entry time until the end of the night and the attractions will stay open until you have completed them all.


How do we get around?
One foot in front of the other, however you may have to crawl, jump and in some instances be carried out. Come prepared for climbing steps and uneven ground so wear suitable clothing and footwear!


Can we come in a group?
You can book as a group but be prepared to walk through some mazes by yourself and if you have a large group you may be split into smaller groups for some mazes.


I want to be part of the event
It’s never too late to be part of the team. Well actually it will be if it’s October now. Scare makers are being recruited now so email info@thecursed.co.uk and get your name on the list. We have scare training in September, if you make it you become a scare maker!


What if it’s too scary?
You choose the mazes you want to go through, if your too scared use your credit on another maze. If you decide to leave the event altogether then you will not be able to return when you are feeling braver or have a refund. We did warn you.


Will any of the scare makers touch me?
We operate a no touch policy which means they do not touch you and you must NOT touch them. You probably won’t want to touch them anyway! All scare makers are trained in scaring so they will get very close, this adds to the scare.


How can I book tickets?
You can book tickets online from the 1st August, above! Tickets sell fast and will sell out so don’t delay book today!


Will it be dark?
All walks start after 6:30pm so it will be dark. Please wear suitable shoes and the ground can become uneven.


Is the event for children?
We recommend that the event is not suitable for under 12’s as some scenes can be disturbing, especially Ethel. However everyone is different and can become scared at different scenarios throughout the walk, it is common for adults to cry! We do run Spooky Fest for smaller children and use some of the adult mazes but without the scare makers.


I am 16 years old can I come?
Yeah sure you can attend the event, but all 12 to 16 year olds have to have an over 18 with them in case you react badly to a maze. The scare makers will not stop the torture so make sure you have someone who can carry you out!


What are your terms and conditions?
Our terms and conditions are listed here.