Returning applicants

So you really want to come back?!


So you had fun last year, and maybe the year before, and really think you are ready to do it all again?

Well it’s all change this year baby! We are really stepping up the event and smashing it to the next level, and as such, there are going to be very obvious changes to the way the event as a whole operates. The most relevant to you will be the changes in the way we structure the performance-teams.

This year each attraction will have a Team-Leader who is responsible for ensuring that all actors are where they are supposed to be, doing what they are supposed to be and are as happy as they are supposed to be. In turn they will report to the Performance-Production Manager whose principal role will be shouting at them and finding ways that everything is their fault.

We have to be a bit stricter than in past years purely because the event is becoming so popular (thanks in no small part to all of your hard work previously). That it is the only way we can keep providing brilliant attractions and handle the growing number of guests at the same time.

One element of this new structure is that the Team-Leaders will be selecting their own casts who they feel are most suitable to their mazes. They need to see what you can do, to do this, so we are asking ALL actors, including returners, to go through the whole audition process, so that the TL’s can have the best insight into where to place you.

So how it works this year –

  • You apply by filling in the online form
  • We invite you to an audition slot August/September (2hrs)
  • We invite you back for a full training day (september)
  • The Team Leaders fight over who they want and where
  • You get one evening rehearsing inside your attraction before we open


The full-day training is the second part of the audition process, and while we are not able to guarantee that we will be able to find a place for everyone who attends, we will try our best to use as many people as possible.

The pressure is on this year to make things even better, so come and join us.

**We are also looking for applicants to be the Performance Team Leaders.
If you think you have what it takes, or want some more information CLICK HERE********


Good Luck!