This is an event which is aimed to scare

We recommend children under twelve years do not attend the event. Children between and inclusive of the ages of twelve and sixteen are permitted to attend the event at their parent’s discretion and must be accompanied by an adult (someone aged 18 or over). If children between these ages scare easily then the event may not be suitable for them.

People who scare easily, have a nervous disposition, are disturbed easily, are claustrophobic or have a heart condition should attend the event at their own risk.

Pregnant women should not attend the event.

There is wheelchair access to the site however due to the nature of the event it is not suitable for wheelchair users as some sections are inaccessible.

Strobe lighting and fog machines will be used during the event. Possible affects of strobe lighting includes migraines or epileptic fits. Possible affects of fog machines include a sore throat if exposed for long periods of time.

You may experience electrical shocks at certain points during the event.