The Cursed presents “Fright Fest” once more on the hallowed grounds of Wat Tyler Country Park, we have risen from the ashes with 5 BRAND NEW nerve shredding mazes to creep and distort your mortal mind!

We’ll make you laugh, shout and scream till your lungs give out!

Each maze will attack all of your senses pushing the boundies of reality as you venture your way through the horrors that lay ahead ….

Abducted, The Haunting, The Institute, Safe Zone, and The Sewers.

Think you have what it takes to brave the Fright Fest?

The Workchop was shut down, forcing business underground. Will you be able to navigate your way through the tunnel system and escape the butchers clasp?

A quiet drink in the local tavern leads to a chilling story about local disappearances. What will you do when you come face to face with the explanation? Running may be your only option.

This house has been left vacant for decades, and you are about to learn why. You’d be surprised how heightened your senses are when you aren’t able to see.

As Junior Reporter’s, you have been assigned to witness the execution of Andie Gard at Bridgegate Institute, the infamous serial killer… but inmates don’t take too kindly to visitors, so watch your back

The infected are honing in, and you need to make it to quarantine. Will you arrive at the safe zone unharmed, or will you become one of them?